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Cadwelding Cable Welding Services

JABODETABEK Exothermic Cadwelding Cables Welding Services

JABODETABEK Exothermic Cadwelding Cables Welding Services

Receive cable welding services using the modern exothermic cad welding method. Here are the reasons why using the exothermic cad welding methodThe welding result is tidierThe welding adhesiveness is strongerDoes not interfere with the flow of electric current (conductors)It is easier to useThe

Jasa Pengelasan Kabel Cad Welding

Jasa Pengelasan Kabel Cad Welding

Cad Welding is an exothermic copper cable welding technique carried out simultaneously. The cable to be welded will be molecular bonded so that the cable will be resistant to thermal conditions and protected from corrosion.Cad Welding serves to connect from the existing construction example between

Cadwelding Cable Welding Services

What is Exothermic Cad Welding?

Exothermic cad welding is a welding process using an exothermic principle, where welding is carried out using metal materials that have previously been melted using high heat, so that the conductors can be permanently joined.

exothermic cad welding process

The method of electrical connection by exothermic welding uses copper for steel or copper for copper. High heat melted copper alloys create a smooth yet sturdy joint.

The more liquid the copper chemical is due to heating, the better the connection quality of the copper will be.

Advantages of the Welding Process with the Exothermic Principle of Cad Welding

The exothermic welding process is now one of the most superior and most popular welding processes used today. There are many advantages of using a welding process with an exothermic principle compared to other principles, namely as follows:

  • The connection is more permanent
  • Higher Mechanical Strength
  • Better Corrosion Resistance
  • The Welding Process Is Quite Simple and Fast
  • Good Stability for Electric Current

How to use welding cad welding

  1. Metallic grains or weld metal powder must be placed in a heat-resistant mold.
  2. Place the end of the cable to be connected into the molding or molding welding. The material used for making molds or molding welding is a graphite-based material commonly found in pencils.
  3. The gunpowder is then put into the mold to start the ignition process.
  4. Trigger is done using a flint gun or a lighter, so that the ignition process runs as expected. The process of igniting particles with gunpowder will produce very high heat even reaching more than 1400 degrees Celsius.
  5. Pure liquid metal in the form of liquid copper is then formed from the ignition
  6. The pure liquid metal that is formed must be flowed into the cavities of each mold so that the empty space inside is immediately filled. The molten copper then moves up through the mold to the top of the conductor and covers all parts so that it can be welded.
  7. Let the welding result for some time so that it immediately cools and hardens. Each end of the cable in the mold or molding which has been coated with copper, will then connect automatically.
  8. After drying, the welding mold is removed and the mold can be used for the next process.

Tools needed for exothermic cad welding

  • Metallic granular powder or weld metal powder (gunpowder).
  • Heat resistant molding or exothermic welding molding.
  • Clamp Handle
  • Triggers are like lighters and flint guns.
  • Cleaned conductors.
  • Cleaning brush

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