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  • Lightning Protection System Repair Services
  • Lightning Protection System Repair Services

Services Description Lightning Rods Maintenance

Lightning rods indeed have to be maintained or repaired because over time the lightning rod system will be affected by environmental invoices and internal factors such as torn cables, broken cables, etc.

Here are some factors that cause damage to the lightning rod system

Weather factors that cause lightning protection devices to be damaged or corroded.

  1. Animal factors, sometimes animals such as birds, ferrets, or others. Climb over the water terminal or conductor cable causing damage to the system due to shaking.
  2. Human error factors, such as being pulled in the cable or incorrectly installing a lightning protection system when there are additions. So that the system does not run normally anymore.
  3. Grounding factor, this is the factor that occurs most often. Grounding does not meet standards anymore such as resistance not below 3 ohms so that the lightning protection system does not work and can even cause damage.
  4. The power factor of use, all electronic devices must have a period of use. For example, in the digital lightning counter, it can only last a maximum of 5 years.
  5. Factors of building structure, structural changes also often have an impact on lightning protection systems. Because each lightning rod is installed based on the structural specs of the building when it is installed.
  6. The strike factor, sometimes a lightning strike that hits the water, has very large anti-lightning terminals. So that sometimes the terminal water is not strong enough to receive very large power, damage occurs.
  7. and other factors.

The above factors are the reasons why the lightning protection system must be maintained / repaired. If you are in need of a lightning protection system repair service. We provide repair services for all parts of Indonesia. Repairs are carried out by our experienced human resources and experts in the field of lightning protection and grounding systems.

The following are the advantages of using our services:

  • The installation is carried out by experienced human resources and experts in the electricity field
  • Specifications can adjust to the specifications requested
  • Free consultation for project needs
  • Guaranteed 100% original product
  • Complete equipment for all fields
  • Friendly prices
  • Guaranteed

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