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  • Jasa Pengelasan Kabel Exothermic Cad Welding JABODETABEK
  • Jasa Pengelasan Kabel Exothermic Cad Welding JABODETABEK
  • Jasa Pengelasan Kabel Exothermic Cad Welding JABODETABEK

Services Description JABODETABEK Exothermic Cadwelding Cables Welding Services

Receive cable welding services using the modern exothermic cad welding method. Here are the reasons why using the exothermic cad welding method

  1. The welding result is tidier
  2. The welding adhesiveness is stronger
  3. Does not interfere with the flow of electric current (conductors)
  4. It is easier to use
  5. The completeness is easy to find on the market
  6. More profitable in the long run

Cadwelding that we provide is done by people who are experienced and experts in the electricity field, so we dare to guarantee the installation of cad welding. We can do all types of exothermic cadwelding, as below

  • Exothermic Cad Welding Strike type (Straight)
  • Cad Welding type T / TEE (T-junction connection)
  • Modern welding time cross (crossroad)

Media that can be in Exothermic Cad Welding

  • Cable to cable
  • Cable to the axle grounding rod
  • Busbar to grounding stick
  • Busbar to cable
  • Busbar to Busbar

The following are areas where we can weld cables

  • Cad welding in all areas of DKI Jakarta
  • Exothermic Cad Welding in the Tangerang area
  • Welding of cables in all Bekasi areas
  • Cad Weld welding in the Depok area
  • Welding of exothermic cad welding in Bogor

We also provide complete exothermic welding equipment, such as imported and local brands

  1. Molding mold
  2. Handle clamp
  3. Flit Gun
  4. Gun powder
  5. Cleaning brush

For pricing information, please contact us at the number listed on the website.

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