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Services Description Radius or Electrostatic Lightning Protection Installation Services

Accept radius or electrostatic type lightning rod installation services in buildings

  • Lightning rod for home
  • Anti lightning for offices
  • Warehousing
  • Shops
  • Hospital
  • Ship
  • School
  • and other buildings

Electrostatic lightning rod is a type of anti-lightning whose protection method uses a radius. This lightning rod will actively attract lightning strikes that enter the radius of the water terminal.

Generally, the radius of the head terminal is at least 30 meters to a maximum of 150 meters, there is also an air terminal that can protect an area of ​​up to 200 meters.

For radius lightning rods, we sell various imported and local brands, such as the brands below:

Lightning Protection Import

  • LPI Guardian
  • Prevectron Indelec
  • CPT Nimbus
  • Bakiral
  • Orbital
  • Helita
  • Raychem
  • etc

Local Lightning Protection

  • KURN
  • Bluecrn
  • UFO
  • GENT
  • ZEUS
  • ETC

The advantage that you can use CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection

  1. The installation is carried out by experienced human resources and experts in the electricity field
  2. Specifications can adjust to the specifications requested
  3. Free consultation for project needs
  4. Guaranteed 100% original product
  5. Complete equipment for all fields
  6. Friendly prices
  7. Guaranteed

For other benefits and the price of installing a lightning rod, please contact us at the number listed on the website.

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