CV.Wijaya Lightning Protection - Jual Penangkal Petir dan As Grounding Tembaga
  • Jasa Pemasangan Penangkal Petir Di DKI Jakarta Tipe Elektrostatis dan Konvensional
  • Jasa Pemasangan Penangkal Petir Di DKI Jakarta Tipe Elektrostatis dan Konvensional
  • Jasa Pemasangan Penangkal Petir Di DKI Jakarta Tipe Elektrostatis dan Konvensional

Services Description Electrostatic and Splitzen Lightning Protection Installation Services In DKI Jakarta

How to Install Lightning Protection and Service Providers in DKI Jakarta

Confused how to install a lightning rod? or are you looking for lightning rod services? CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection is the solution.

We provide lightning rod installation services and grounding systems in the DKI Jakarta area in all areas such as the installation of lightning rods in 

installation of lightning rods in Central Jakarta

Cempaka Putih

  1. Gambir
  2. Johar Baru
  3. Kemayoran
  4. Menteng
  5. Sawah Besar
  6. Senen
  7. Tanah Abang

Lightning Protection Installation Services in West Jakarta

  1. Cengkareng
  2. Grogol Petamburan
  3. Kali Deres
  4. Kebon Jeruk
  5. Kembangan
  6. Palmerah
  7. Taman Sari
  8. Tambora

Anti Lightning Installation in South Jakarta

  1. Cilandak
  2. Jagakarsa
  3. Kebayoran Baru
  4. Kebayoran Lama
  5. Mampang Prapatan
  6. Pancoran
  7. Pasar Minggu
  8. Pesanggrahan
  9. Setiabudi
  10. Tebet

Install North Jakarta Lightning Protection

  1. Cilincing
  2. Kelapa Gading
  3. Koja
  4. Pademangan
  5. Networking
  6. Tanjung Priok

Installation of grounding and lightning rods in East Jakarta

  1. Cakung
  2. Cipayung
  3. Ciracas
  4. Duren Sawit
  5. Jatinegara
  6. Kramat Jati
  7. Macassar
  8. Matraman
  9. Pasar Rebo
  10. Pulo Gadung

Install Lightning Protection on Thousand Islands

  1. Kep. Seribu South
  2. Kep. Seribu North

We are very experienced and skilled in installing anti-lightning from scratch until ready to receive a lightning strike.

The estimated price for installing lightning rods in DKI Jakarta is around IDR 4,000,000 to 15,000,000. for a fee depending on location and field conditions. The cost also depends on the specifications requested, for example for poles. If you want to use galvanizing, the cost is cheaper than you use a monopole pole.

In order not to get the wrong specifications, please consult us first before installing a lightning rod in your home or office. CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection will provide the best solution with specifications that are neither excessive nor lacking.

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Erico Lightning Protection Distributor
Lightning rod is a series of paths that are used as a path for lightning to go into the ground, without damaging the objects through it. Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection Lightning as Distributor of Lightning Protection Erico explains that there are 3 main parts to the lightning rod: lightning rod, conductor wire, grounding. When the negative electric charge at the bottom of the cloud is fulfilled, the positive electric charge on the ground will be immediately attracted. The electric charge then immediately travels up through the conductor cable, towards the end of the lightning rod. When the negative electrical charge is close enough on the roof, the attraction between the two charges gets stronger, the positive charge at the ends of the lightning rod being pulled towards the negative charge.

Erico Lightning Protection
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