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Sky Counter CCF 2004

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02 Apr 2022
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Specification of Sky Counter CCF 2004

Selling CCF 2004 type sky counter made by MHT company which is easy to use and implement. Specifications and details as follows

Sky Counter Specifications:
- designations sky counter, lightning, lightning, and lightning
- CCF type 2004
- Calculating Current (up to approximately 8):> 0.5 KA
- Impluse sequence:> 1s
- Screen Model: Electromechanical digital display
- Lightning Events: 0 ~ 999999
- Current sample mode: Inductive Probe (Built-in)
- Work mode: without using the battery
- Operating temperature (degree celsius): -20 ~ +60
- Window dimensions (mm): 32
- Dimension of the counter (mm): 150 * 78.5 * 34
- Materials: stainless steel
- Protection level: IP67
- Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
- Manufacturing company: MHT

Excellence of Sky Counter CCF 2004:
1. Air resistant / Waterproof so it is safe in outdoor installations (outdoor)
2. Does not require power / electric current for use
3. Durable / not easily damaged, so this tool can be used for a long period
4. High degree of accuracy for calculating lightning strikes
5. For wide detection distances
6. Easy to use does not need a lot of tools to install it
7. Suitable for use in all types of lightning rod conductors and other fittings.
8. Recording a strike from an existing 500esh trigger

Sky Counter USE
This tool is as useful as the lightning counter, which is a tool used as a lightning strike counter parameter on the air / anti-lightning head terminal. The sky counter will automatically calculate if the lightning rod head terminal will request a lightning strike.

Sky Counters are usually used for large studies of lightning strikes in an area, and for meetings of lightning rods that are installed running normally. Many suppliers are selling sky counters today. You have to be careful because there are many elements who manipulate sky counters. We recommend buying sky counters only at official sky counter suppliers such as CV. Wijaya's Lightning Protection

Selling CCF Sky Counter 2004
As a specialist for lightning protection and grounding systems in Jakarta, we sell a variety of lightning counters such as the sale of the CCF 2004 type sky counter.
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