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Skun Bimetal Cable Lug DTL

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16 Mar 2023
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Cable Lug

Specification of Skun Bimetal Cable Lug DTL

designation: cable lug, bimetallic skun, bimetal cable lug, DTL scun, cable to terminal connector
- Materials: Bimetallic
- Bolt hole sizes available: M8, M10, M11, M12, M13
- Use: Skun cable to terminal
- Suitable for cables: NYY, NYA, A3C, A3CS, BC, Coaxial and other types of cables
- Stock: Ready
- Status: New

LUG cable DTL is one type of skun, this tool is used as a connector between the immune with terminals or electrical components. Bimetallic skun has the advantage of anti-corrosion and has a very good conductivity. so that the current in the cable can be controlled using terminals such as box panels.

Skun is usually inserted into the RSTN-shaped panel with the color of the condom skun black, red, yellow, and blue. Each color has its own function.

1. Prepare the kebel that you want to connect to the terminal
2. Insert the tip of the cable into the bimetal skun (make sure the size of the skun and cable is right)
3. If you have entered, tighten the skun by pressing until the cable sticks tightly
4. Put the bimetallic skun that has been connected with the cable into the electric component, for example into the electrical panel
5. Make sure the skun is installed according to the RSTN and don't forget to install the skun condom according to the color of the skun function
6. If you have installed it to the terminal, make sure many times that the installation is correct and is tight
7. complete

Wijaya lightning Protection as a specialist for grounding and lightning protection systems, selling components of the grounding and anti-lightning systems. Like selling bimetallic cable lug with a variety of sizes. The following sizes are bimetallic lug cables that we sell
Bimetallic Skun Size 16mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 25mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 35mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 50mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 70mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 95mm
Bimetallic Skun Size 120mm
150mm Bimetal Lug Cable
Bimetallic Lug Cable Size 185mm
240mm Bimetal Lug Cable
300mm Bimetal Lug Cable
Bimetallic Lug Cable Size 400mm
Bimetallic Lug Cable Size 500mm
Bimetal Lug Cable Size 630mm

For stock, bimetallic lug cables tend to be ready of all sizes. The price of cable lug that WLP provides is cheaper compared to other bimetallic skun sellers.

Do you want to consult with a grounding system or lightning rod? Feel free to discuss. We will provide the best solution for your grounding system or lightning rod. You only need to contact us at the number listed.

Wijaya Lightning Protection
Jl. Salemba Raya, Pasar Kenari Lama Blok AL.01 Aks 169 Lantai 1 Pusat Jakarta, 10430, Jakarta Pusat 10430
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Call / WA: 081213547353
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