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Semen Bentonite LPI Reslo-20

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Semen Bentonite LPI Reslo-20

  • - Materials: Sodium Bentonite, gypsum, occurs naturally, is mined
  • - Packaging: Laminated polypropylene woven bag, Eco-friendly, recycled packaging (size: 420 x 695 mm)
  • shelf life (years):> 1
  • - Sack size: Shelf life of more than 1 year if stored in the appropriate environment
  • - Capacity: 20kg
  • - Prisoners (ohms): ~ 0.53
  • - Reduction of Typical Resistance (%):> 50%, temporal variability / change is also greatly decreased by both MEEs
  • - Required Number of Distinctive (bags): 5 x 0.3 m trenches: 2 | 0.125 x 1 m: 1 hole,
  • - Washing: Can be ignored (but not for use where water tables are present), Washing is far below the EN limit or not seen
  • - Sulfur content:> 2%, all clays contain natural sulfur, which is generally benign.
  • - Corrosion Performance: Highly exceeds the requirements of IEC 62561-7
  • - Duration of hardening: Semi-hard, more than 0.5 - 3 days, hardening of each EEC depends on several factors, e.g. Ambient humidity, temperature, etc.
  • - Maintenance Required: Zero, provided installed according to instructions
  • - Service life (years):> 15 years
  • - Standardization: AS 2239 IEC 62561-7 (most)

In the implementation of grounding systems, a common problem is resistance / soil moisture. Each area must have a different resistance, while for grounding

To solve the above problem, it requires sodium bentonite cement or commonly known as bentonite such as LPI BUMI ENHANCEMENT COMPOUND. One of the bentonite products, LPI Reslo-20, has been tested very significantly to reduce soil resistance or moisture which can make the foundation more effective. Following is the implementation of bentonite in the electric current transfer system.

Lots of technicians can't get small ground resistance, because they use inexpensive alternative bentonite without thinking. Meanwhile, ohms resistance is very much against the passage of the grounding system.
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