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Lightning Protection ERICO Dynasphere Air Terminal MKIV Air Terminal nVent ERICO MKIV-SS Radius 120 Meters Made In USA

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ERICO/ERITECH DYNASPHERE LIGHTNING PROTECTION Is a non-Radio Active Electrostatic lightning rod with a radius range of up to 100 meters
- Air Terminal Type: Type DYNASPHERE MK IV-SS (Radius / Protection Range 120 Meters)
- Brand : nVent ERICO-ERITECH
- Material: 316 Stainless Steel Panel Material ( EN 1.4401 )
- Lightning rod weight: 5kg
- Diameter: 25.7cm
- Height: 22cm
- Certifications : UL, UR, cUL, cUR, cULus and cURus are registered certification marks of UL LLC.
- Temperature limit temperature : -40 to 100 °C
- 5 Years Warranty
- Production USA (United States)
Acquired accessories:
- 1 Unit Head Erico 3000 Radius 1000 Meters
- 1 Sheet of Warranty Card
- 1 Set of Accessories
ERICO System 3000 . Lightning Protection Feature
1. Non-radio active technology
2. No external power required
3. The terminal head or terminal end of the lightning rod is easy to replace for height requirements
4. Dynamic response to lightning strikes
Air Terminal nVent ERICO system 3000 is a type of electrostatic lightning rod or head terminal radius produced by the United States of America (USA). Air terminal Erico system 3000 type DYNASPHERE MK IV-SS is a lightning rod that has a radius of protection range of up to 120 meters so that this lightning rod is very suitable for use in office areas, industrial factories, housing, and warehousing areas.
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