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Gunpowder ERICO 250F20 Exothermic Powder Capacity of 250 grams

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21 Sep 2021
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Gun Powder

Specification of Gunpowder ERICO 250F20 Exothermic Powder Capacity of 250 grams

1. Powder Function: Exothermic Powder Cad Welding
2. Capacity: 250 grams
3. Brand: nVent ERICO
4. Type: 250F20
5. Packing: Tube
6. Tube Diameter: 4cm
7. Tube Length: 9.5cm
8. Production Country: USA / United States of America
9. Certificate: Qualifoudre
10. Fill in perpack: 10 tubes / tube

Sell ​​Gunpowder ERICO 250F20 ERICO 250gram Capacity

Gunpowder is a chemical compound that is very active when exposed to heat interactions such as sparks. Gunpowder is used for the modern process of cad welding or cable welding. This gunpowder plays a role when the cable is already in the molding, then the gunpowder is included in the molding and given a triger by sprinkling the fire. The tool for stirring the gunpowder is Splint Gun, after it is ignited automatically the gunpowder that is already in the molding will act and explode. The result of the explosion will cause the cables in the molding to connect together. The advantage of this exothermic welding technique is that it is simpler and results from very neat connections.
At present there are a lot of gunpowder products, one of which is Gunpowder ERICO. ERICO Gunpowder is produced in the United States of America (USA) which has obtained a Qualifoudre certificate. nVent ERICO extracts gunpowder from the smallest capacity of 25 grams to a maximum capacity of 250 grams, one of the products of ERICO is that we are discussing at this time Gunpowder ERICO 250F20 Exothermic Powder Capacity of 250 grams. ERICO Gunpowder 250F20 has the form of packing per tube and in 1 cardboard box or pack there are 10 tubes containing per 250 gram tube. The diameter of the ERICO tube is 4cm and the tube length is 9.5 cm.
ERICO Gunpowder has very good quality especially from cad welding results. For the scheduling results from ERICO gunpowder, it will be colored copper gold and the connection is very neat.
Wijaya lightning protection sells 250V20 ERICO Gunpowder Powder with 250gram capacity, with ORIGINAL nVent ERICO conditions. In addition to 250 grams of gunpowder capacity, we also provide 25 grams of powder, 90 grams of 115 grams, and 120 grams. We suggest that before purchasing the misowed poweder, you should note how much gunpowder you need for your cadwell project. For the purchase of gunpowder in Wijaya Lightning Protection, it can be per packing containing savings or can also be purchased in savings accounts.

Estimated Price of Gunpowder nVent ERICO 250F20 Exothermic Powder Capacity of 250 grams

IDR 295,000 up to IDR 340,000, the price of gunpowder products depends on how much you buy and other items. The more your needs, the better the price you can.
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