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Master Control Fire Alarm MCFA 1 Loop Hooseki

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06 Apr 2022
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Specification of Master Control Fire Alarm MCFA 1 Loop Hooseki

MCFA (Master Control Fire Alarm) is a panel that has a very important function for a fire alarm system. The function of this MCFA is to control, control, and measure all detector systems that are installed in the alarm system circuit. Therefore, MCFA is a very important component in the manufacture of fire alarm systems in buildings. There are 2 types of MCFA, conventional and Loop.

In the picture above is the Loop type MCFA produced by the Hooseki brand. If you are looking for a Master Control Fire Alarm CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection provides the items you are looking for, below are the detailed specifications of the Hooseki MCFA.

Hooseki MCFA specifications

  • Master Control Fire Alarm Loop
  •  1 Addressable Loop
  • Hooseki brand
  • Power: 110-220VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Loop: Max 8 Loops
  • Consumption: 500 mA
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40ÂșC
  • Loop Volt: 32VAC
  • Annunciator: Up to 14 Annunciators
  • Transmission: 1.5 Km
  • Battery: 24VDC


  • 240 character LCD screen
  • LCD Backlight for energy saving
  • Data cables can be up to a maximum of 1.5 km using twistead cables
  • Can store 2000 hystory notifications
  • There is a vote for notifications
  • Has protection when not installed properly
  • Include a standby battery
  • Include a printer
  • Has an Intercome feature

Hooseki MCFA prices that are binding are not binding, prices are subject to change at any time. For exact prices, please contact us at the number on our website. Get the best solutions and prices for your fire alarm system equipment.

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