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Lightning Strike Counter DK - JS6

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18 Jul 2022
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Specification of Lightning Strike Counter DK - JS6

  • Minimum Calculating Current (8 / 20μs): ≥10kA
  • Count Count: 0-999 times
  • Sampling Pattern: Induction sampling
  • Bottom Conductor Maximum Diameter: D≤25mm
  • Measure L * W * H: 115 × 90 × 60mm
  • Working Humidity: Not more than 95%
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 85 0C
  • Advantages: Waterproof, easy to reset
  • Lightning Counter Type: Digital

Lightning Protection Outlets Know DK-LJ6
Lightning Counter is a device used as a lightning rod accessories, this tool is used as a counters how many lightning strikes on the terminal of the lightning rod head. If no strike is replaced by the lightning arrest terminal then this tool will not count, otherwise if there is a strike then automatically on the lightning arrest screen will add 1 to 1 strike.

DK-LJ6 Lightning Counter Strike is a universal lightning rod counter, or lightning rod that can be used in all types of lightning rods and grounding systems. Lightning Strike DK-LJ6 has the advantage of water proof or resistance to water and digital screens, which makes this lightning rod has many enthusiasts. In addition to the reset method, this tool is very easy.


1. Make sure your lightning rod structure is complete
2. Take the DK-LJ6 lightnig counter
3. Place the lightning rod under the SPD cable or under the lightning rod conductor
4. loosen the crane screw nut on the back of the lightning rod, spring washer and flat gasket, remove the clamp, to install the power SPD grounding cable and or the lower conductor rod section of the lightning rod between the two nuts, then attach the pressing plate, flat gasket , wash spirng, nut nut, tighten bolt nut nut
5. install the power SPD ground cable or the bottom conductor and wiring diagram (bareness of the lightning rod and mounting plate, pressure plate. Contact parts must be well connected to low contact resistance, for easy calculation of calculations only according to the type)
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Lightning rod is a series of paths that are used as a path for lightning to go into the ground, without damaging the objects through it. Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection Lightning as Distributor of Lightning Protection Erico explains that there are 3 main parts to the lightning rod: lightning rod, conductor wire, grounding. When the negative electric charge at the bottom of the cloud is fulfilled, the positive electric charge on the ground will be immediately attracted. The electric charge then immediately travels up through the conductor cable, towards the end of the lightning rod. When the negative electrical charge is close enough on the roof, the attraction between the two charges gets stronger, the positive charge at the ends of the lightning rod being pulled towards the negative charge.

Erico Lightning Protection
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