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HEAD Terminal UFO F2 Penangkal Petir

Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
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Specification of HEAD Terminal UFO F2 Penangkal Petir

1. Lightning Protection Brand: UFO
2. Lightning Protection Type: Electrostatic TYPE F2
3. Weight: 6kg
4. Radius / Coverage Protection: 150 Meters
5. Warranty: 1 Year
6. Air Terminal Material: Stainless Steel
7. Manufacturing Country: Indonesian Production

Complete F2 UFO Lightning Protection:

- 1 unit of the F2 lightning protection 150 meter protection head terminal
- 1 piece of guidebook
- 4 terminal water fins
- 1 UFO certificate

UFO F2 lightning is suitable for:

1. Housing
2. Office area building
3. Factory Building
4. Buildings near the beach
5. Warehouse building
6. Apartments
7. Hotels
8. Hospital
9. School or campus
10. Tall buildings

Sell ​​Lightning Protection UFO F2 Radius 150 meters

As a supplier and installation of lightning protection, Wijaya Lightning Protection sells UFO lightning protection products type F2 with official certificates from the UFO Brand. You do not need to worry about the originals or authenticity of the lightning rod head terminal purchased from WLP, because all the lightning rod products we sell are 100% ORIGINAL with an official guarantee. For UFO F2 Head Terminal products have a 1 year warranty. The advantage of buying UFO F2 lightning rods at WLP is that the prices given tend to be cheaper than other lightning rod suppliers.

Estimated market price of UFO F2 lightning rods

IDR 6,550,000 up to IDR 8,000,000, prices are usually influenced by the dollar exchange rate and by the number of products purchased. If you buy in large quantities or by combining with other products, you will get a cheaper price.
Want to know what is a UFO F2 lightning rod?
The UFO F2 Terminal Head is a type of electrostatic lightning rod using a radius protection method. For UFO F2 itself has a protection radius of 150 meters. The radius system is a protection system with the method of pulling lightning strikes towards the terminal head, electric current from the terminal head will be channeled through the grounding cable to the well-installed grounding system. So that the electric current from the lightning sambaram will go into the ground surface carried by the grounding rod. The UFO type F2 electrostatic lightning rod is produced by the Indonesian state, although the locally made UFO lightning rod is not inferior to the quality of other lightning rods. Even the UFO F2 lightning rod is able to compete with the imported lightning rod.
UFO type F2 is made of stainless steel and weighs 6kg, so the UFO F2 lightning rod is not easy to corrode / rust and is very suitable to be implemented in all areas of the building such as apartments, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, factories, and buildings located in the beach area. Stainless steel material itself is used because Indonesia is a tropical climate, so when using copper material lightning rods become fast corrosion or rust. In addition, stainless steel is the number 3 conductor after gold and copper.

Tips on choosing a UFO F2 lightning penagkal

1. Make sure you know your lightning rod needs, so you know how many meters you need.
2. Do not be easily tempted by cheap prevectron lightning rod prices especially below market prices, because there are currently many imitation products.
3. We recommend buying to a seller who is experienced in the field of lightning rods
4. Consult with experts what are the needs needed for lightning rods
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Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

head terminal ufo f2 penangkal petir.pdf



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