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Head Terminal Kurn
Head Terminal Kurn
Head Terminal Kurn
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Selling Head Terminal Kurn Radius 150 Meter Suitable for homes, offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, campuses at affordable prices.

Head Terminal Kurn is a lightning rod device designed to create ionization fields around the area or in foreign terms it is also called the Ionizer Dissipation System.

Each release of the ionization field to the cloud will be able / able to cause a potential difference between the cloud and the surface of the earth (earth), so that the load current at the lowest level will be able to flow continuously to the ground through the conductor.


Brand: KURN (Black Box)

Type: R-150

Radius: 150 Meters

Made: Indonesia

Product warranty: 1 year

Condition: New & Original

Completeness obtained:

1 Unit Head Terminal KURN R150

1 FRV / Connecting Sleeve Unit

3 Units of Stainless Soybean

1 Unit L Key

1 Kurn R150 Certificate Sheet (Red)


Address: Jl. Salemba Raya, Kenari Market, 1st Floor Blok AL01 AKS No.169, Central Jakarta

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Erico Lightning Protection Distributor
Lightning rod is a series of paths that are used as a path for lightning to go into the ground, without damaging the objects through it. Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection Lightning as Distributor of Lightning Protection Erico explains that there are 3 main parts to the lightning rod: lightning rod, conductor wire, grounding. When the negative electric charge at the bottom of the cloud is fulfilled, the positive electric charge on the ground will be immediately attracted. The electric charge then immediately travels up through the conductor cable, towards the end of the lightning rod. When the negative electrical charge is close enough on the roof, the attraction between the two charges gets stronger, the positive charge at the ends of the lightning rod being pulled towards the negative charge.

Erico Lightning Protection
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