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ERICO Brand GEM 25A Bentonite Grounding Cement

Rp. 850,000
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09 Jun 2022
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Specification of ERICO Brand GEM 25A Bentonite Grounding Cement

Designations: Grounding Cement, Bentonite Cement, Bentonite Cement, Bentonite Powder, Grounding Bentonite

1. Weight of Bentonite: 11.34 kg

2. Net Wt: 25 lb

3. Brand Type: Erico GEM 25A

4. Compilation With: IEC 62561-7

5. ohm bentonite: GEM resistance 20 ohms-cm

6. Bentonite Method: 2 electrode methods.

7. Brand: GEM Erico

8. Country of Origin: US / United States

9. Packing: Bags with handles

10. Certificate: Qualifoudre

Excellence of ERICO 25A GEM

1. Easy to use and carry

2. Cement lasts forever

3. Very Effective

Price range of bentonite GEM 25A Erico

IDR 650,000 to IDR 900,000

Sell ​​Cement Bentonite GEM 24A ERICO Brand

Bentonite cement or commonly known as grounding cement is a powder used for grounding systems in lightning rods or other electrical grounding. Bentonite cement acts as a function of cement in general that is to glue, but the grounding system must use a special adhesive that is bentonite cement, because bentonite cement aims to reduce the resistance (resistivity), so the soil resistance becomes lower as determined by PLN for soil resistance at Grounding is recommended below 50 ohms.

One of the bentonite products is GEM 25A made by the ERICO brand. GEM 24A powder in one sack has a weight capacity of 11.34 kg and there is a hole in the top of the sack packaging so it is very easy to carry. For Net Wt GEM 25A which is 25 lb.

Bentonite GEM 25A has a tighter advantage and reduces soil resistance better than other grounding cement due to GEM Resistivity of 20 ohms. In addition, GEM 25A has 2 electrode methods and a standardized IEC 62561-7, which is a benchmark for corrosion, washing, sulfur content, and other environmental regulations. So that now GEM 25A ERICO is the best-selling bentonite and is most commonly used today.

As a specialist Grounding and Lightning Protection WIjaya Lightning protection sells Cement Grounding Bentonite Powder GEM 25A ERICO Brand 100% original at a special price.

Tips for Choosing a Erico Bentonite Cement 25A Erico

1. Make sure you have noted how much bentonite capacity you need

2. Make sure the grounding system that has been made is really systematic

3. Do not be easily tempted by cheap prices, because now there are many products of Erica GEM 25A imitation

4. Be sure to buy Erica GEM 25A bentonite cement at official suppliers and distributors such as Wijaya Lightning Protection

5. Follow the procedures shown in the installation instructions.

6. If you do not know, please consult your needs to those who know better or can consult your cement needs in advance to us.

Recommended specifications for bentonite cement:

Parameter : 
- Standards Compliance
Recommended Values : -
Test Method : 
- Full compliance to 
- IEC 62561-7 EPA Toxicity 
- Characteristic Leaching 
- Procedure (TCLP)
- test method 1311

Parameter :
- Leaching
Recommended Values :
- Arsenic < 1.5 mg/L, Barium < 60 mg/L, 
- Cadmium < 0.15 mg/L, Chromium < 3.0 mg/L, 
- Lead < 1.5 mg/L, Mercury < 0.06 mg/L, 
- Elenium < 1.0 mg/L
Test Method :
- EC 62561-7
- EN 12457-2

Parameter :
- Sulfur Content
Recommended Values :
- < 2%
Test Method :
- ISO 14869-1

Parameter :
- Resistivity
Recommended Values :
- <2 Ω-cm for powder
- <20 Ω-cm for mixed and cured material
Test Method :
- Compressed powder 
- according to ASTM G187-12
- Mixed and cured per 
- ASTM D991-89

Parameter :
- Corrosion Performance
Recommended Values :
- For copper-plated earth electrodes, 
- the polarization resistance shall be
- > 8 Ω x m2 for aggressive environments
- For galvanized earth electrodes, 
- the polarization resistance shall be
- > 7.6Ω x m2 for aggressive environments
Test Method :
- IEC 62561-7, Sec 5.5, 
- aggressive environment

Parameter :
- Flexural Strength
Recommended Values :
- 300-450 psi [2070-3100 kPa]
Test Method :
- ASTM C293

Parameter :
- Compressive Strength
Recommended Values :
- 100-200 psi [690-1390 kPa] 
- after 672 hours curing time
Test Method :
- ASTM C109

Source :

For consultation and further information regarding the grounding system and lightning protection please contact us to the number that is already available. We are ready to help you.

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