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As Grounding Rod Full Copper 3/8 inch

Rp. 123
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16 Mar 2023
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1 Meter

Specification of As Grounding Rod Full Copper 3/8 inch

Sell ​​3/8 Size Grounding Rod Sticks

The grounding rod stick is a tool used for system grounding needs. Grounding system is a system for discharging current into the earth's surface. This grounding rod is useful for channeling and releasing electric currents into the earth's surface.

The grounding rod is made of various types of materials, the most common of which is the material used for rod rods is copper as in the photo above. For copper rod stick sizes consist of 3/8 inch or 8.5mm, 1/2 inch or 11.5mm, 5/8 inch or 14.5mm, 3/4 inch or 18mm, and 1 inch or equivalent to 24mm. We sell all sizes of grounding rods, for example, as we are currently discussing, the 3/8 size or 8.5 mm & 9.5 mm diameter axles.

3/8 inch Copper Stick Specifications

- Actual size of diameter 8.5 mm & 9.5 mm

- The shape of a rod or bar

- Maximum length of 4 meters

- The price above is the price per meter

- International Standardization

- Made in Indonesia

Foreign Grounding Stick Materials

- Full Original Copper / Copper / CU

List Price of As Sticks Grounding Rod Size 3/8 inch

- Grounding 3/8 inch 8.5 mm x 1 meter: IDR 76,875

- Grounding 3/8 inch 8.5 mm x 2 meters: IDR 150,500

- Grounding 3/8 inch 8.5 mm x 3 meters: IDR 220,000

- Grounding 3/8 inch 8.5 mm x 4 meters: IDR 291,000

- Grounding 3/8 inch 9.5 mm x 4 meters: IDR 340,000 (import)

Note: the above prices can change at any time without prior notification, please contact us to confirm the price of the 3/8 inch grounding rod sticks.

We provide consulting services for the needs of lightning rod and grounding systems projects, please contact us at the number listed on the website.

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