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Earting Pit Grounding System

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21 Sep 2021
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Earthing Pit

Specification of Earting Pit Grounding System

designation: control tank, earthing pit, grounding kit, grounding control box, grounding cover, earth inspection pit
- Local Control Box
- Earth pit top width: 280mm
- Bawan width: 190mm
- Box height: 185mm
- hole width: 70mm
- Inside support width: 180mm
- cover width: 239mm
- Country of manufacture: Indonesia / Local Artificial
- Item condition: New

This tool is used as a substitute for a grounding system hole cover, if normally when the grounding rod is properly installed in the ground, the hole will be closed using cement.

Featured using this grounding control box is more practical to close the system grounding inspection, because for installation it is very easy.

The control box is currently the best solution for grounding inspection covers in addition to being practical, the prices tend to be cheaper and economical. There are two kinds of grounding controls, namely import and local earthing pits. For the product currently under discussion is a local control tub. For specifications, see the top description.

Wijaya Lightning Protection as a grounding system specialist certainly sells local grounding control tanks such as the earthing pit product that we are discussing today. For the price of a grounding control like the WLP bandrol guaranteed not to be shocked or shocked, quite the opposite. Wijaya Lightning Protection sells grounding inspection tanks at economical prices with the same products as those sold by other grounding suppliers.

Do you still not believe or want to consult the problem of grounding system or lightning rod? Feel free to discuss. We will provide the best solution for your grounding system or lightning rod. You only need to contact us at the number listed.

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