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Nimbus 15 CPT Head Terminal Early Streamer Emission

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Nimbus 15 CPT Head Terminal Early Streamer Emission

selling anti lightning nimbus cpt 15

We provide CPT 15 Air terminal nimbus lightning rod Early Streamer Emission (ESE) for a radius of 45 meters. For products, we guarantee the original and official guarantee of the Nimbus CPT. Here are the details of the specifications:

Nimbus cpt official data 60

- Code 77901115
- Nimbus Part Number 15
- EAN 8435297843337
- Tariff code (HS) 8535.40.00

CPT nimbus size 60

- Product height 378.5 [mm]
- Product width 85 [mm]
- Product weight 2875 [gr]

Nimbus CPT 60 general specifications

- Product standard NF C 17-102: 2011
- CE certification; BUREAU VERITAS
- Silver color of the head terminal body
- Insulating material & flammability class Stainless steel 316
- IP 67 enclosure
- Temperature resistance -20 ºC ... +80 ºC

Engineering Features

- LRIC Certifications (early streamer emission time)
- Early streamer emission time 15 [μs]
- Max. withstood current (10/350) Iimp 200 [kA]
- Min. cable section 50 [mm²]
- Max. flat tape width 30 [mm]
- Min. flat tape width 25 [mm]
- Max. flat tape thickness 6 [mm]
- Min. flat tape thickness 2 [mm]

Large radius based on protection lever (UNE 21186 / NFC 17-102)

Level I (h = 3 m) D = 20m protection: 19 [m]
Level I (h = 4 m) D = 20m protection: 25 [m]
Level I (h = 5 m) D = 20m protection: 32 [m]
Level II (h = 3 m) D = 30m protection: 22 [m]
Level II (h = 4 m) D = 30m protection: 30 [m]
Level II (h = 5 m) D = 30m protection: 37 [m]
Level III (h = 3 m) D = 45m protection: 27 [m]
Level III (h = 4 m) D = 45m protection: 36 [m]
Level III (h = 5 m) D = 45m protection: 45 [m]
Level IV (h = 3 m) D = 60m protection: 31 [m]
Level IV (h = 4 m) D = 60m protection: 41 [m]
Level IV (h = 5 m) D = 60m protection: 51 [m]

Nimbus completeness 15

- 1 unit head terminal nimbus cpt 15 ESE radius 45m
- 1 spear
- 1 Adapting piece Nimbus to mast
- terminal head cap
- 1 set of warranty certificates
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