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Gun Powder

Selling Gunpowder
Selling Gunpowder or often known as black powder is a type of explosives made from a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal act as fuel while other ingredients are oxidizers. Because it produces heat, combustion, and gas very quickly, this gunpowder is used for the manufacture of firearms, artillery and mine explosives in excavation, mining, and road construction, this world of gunpowder grounding is used for welding materials or connecting grounding cables. As we know for welding techniques there are 2 ways, namely by exothermic welding and clamp welding. For that reason, Wijaya Lightning Protection as a specialist in the field of lightning protection or grounding sells gunpowder at low prices with the best quality. We package this gunpowder with neat packaging that is simple, easy to carry and used to help make it easier for you.

Distributor of Gunpowder
Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection is a distributor of gunpowder which has been established since 2000, we are committed to selling high quality gunpowder products at low prices. So if you are looking for a company or distributor that sells high quality gunpowder at a low price, please contact us to get specifications, product price details and also information on the quality of this gunpowder.

Types of Gunpowder
Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection has several types of selling gunpowder that you can choose, among others, as follows:

Sunligtweld Powder
Sunligtweld Powder is one type of selling gunpowder that is used in the welding or cadwelding process

Erico Powder
Erico Powder is one type of selling gunpowder that is used for the process of connecting cables with the Exothermic Welding process. If you need other types of gunpowder or other products that we sell such as lightning rods and the like please contact us CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection.

Erico Lightning Protection Distributor
Lightning rod is a series of paths that are used as a path for lightning to go into the ground, without damaging the objects through it. Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection Lightning as Distributor of Lightning Protection Erico explains that there are 3 main parts to the lightning rod: lightning rod, conductor wire, grounding. When the negative electric charge at the bottom of the cloud is fulfilled, the positive electric charge on the ground will be immediately attracted. The electric charge then immediately travels up through the conductor cable, towards the end of the lightning rod. When the negative electrical charge is close enough on the roof, the attraction between the two charges gets stronger, the positive charge at the ends of the lightning rod being pulled towards the negative charge.

Erico Lightning Protection
Our CV. Wijaya Lightning Protection Lightning as a Distributor of Erico Lightning Protection sells various types and types of lightning protection equipment including the following products: Event Counter Erico Lightning Protection, GEM (Cement Grounding) Brand ERICO Lightning Protection, Lightning Protection Erico System 3000, Erico Powder and many other products Other Erico. We as a Distributor of Lightning Protection Erico provide high quality products and relatively affordable prices in its class. Erico products are known as companies that have been established for more than 100 years and have products that have been recognized internationally. We as a Distributor of Erico Lightning Protection only sell various types of high quality products, one of which is this Erico Lightning Protection product.


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